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Top 10 Best WordPress Alternatives in 2019 Update - CMS platforms, Blogging, eCommerce and Site Builders

WordPress, one of the leading platforms for websites, blogs and online shops has been the choice of millions all over the world. And why not? It offers tons of amazing features at your disposal. It is powerful, flexible and enables the user to own a piece of the internet, that is your very own website. What’s more is that there are plenty of Themes and Plugins that makes it even easier for you!

However, WordPress might not always be the right option for you. Although it is surely one of the most popular CMS platforms, there are certain circumstances where you want to see if there are better options for you out there! Especially if you are new to creating and running a website, it might take longer than you think to actually get things right at first. Although there are plenty of helpful tutorial sites like beautiful theme and WPBeginner dedicated especially for the purpose, sometimes it is a hassle. But we cannot deny that the end result is great once you get the hang of it. Being an …

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