As more and more social networking sites are evolving, many different features are being added to these sites to make the site more and more user friendly. 

When users are most active on social media and at what time users are interacting with pages or website, all the information are generated through user’s behavior and search on a website/ blog / social media pages.

The Best Time to get more likes and reach more users, there is specific or can say predictive behavior analysed on how the user is visiting the website, and at what time there is more traffic on website.
What is Best Time To Post On Social Media (July 2019) Update & Reviews
According to some data and analysis, it has found that there is some kind of preferences where most of the user visits the website depending upon their time and availability. By Studying those data we found that some of the Best timing for Social Media Post to gain more likes and views. More users and more views but it totally depend upon target audience, it also depend upon product and services offering for audience. There are many factors on which the likes/views/reaches/impressions etc. are based.
Factors are:
1. Age Group.
2. Gender.
3. Geographical Location.
4. Interests.
5. Timing.
6. Quality of Article/Post.
7. Type of Audience.
8. Language Differences.
9. Types of Devices (Mobile, Tablet, Pc, Laptop).
10. Type of content / product or service is being offered.
Example 1 — selling book or Fashion styling then target age group would be college teen or students, and then best timing would be after college time or any time during college time.
Example 2 — Blogs / Page / website made for professional people should target those people who are of working class. The audience related to working class must be targeted in evening or in night when they all are free from work, at that time they must be able to read the post. They should not be targeted in morning. Everybody is in hurry to go for work doesn’t have time to read any article in hurry because of reaching the work place sooner.
According to the analysed user data and behaviour we go some of the predictive timings on which targeting user might get some easy task, but remember these are some prediction and it also depends how the user behaves. Still here some timing for social media posting and getting audience intact with your product/service.

What is Best Time To Post On Social Media (July 2019) Update & ReviewsWhat is Best Time To Post On Social Media (July 2019) Update & Reviews

On Facebook - the best time to post is:
Best Timing — 1pm to 4pm
Reason WHY- 1pm to 4pm timing is predicted to be that timing when the users visit their Facebook account to check any update and for many users it happens to be lunch time.
Worst Timing — After 8pm
Reason WHY — Working / Business Professional people might finish off their work and might be traveling back to their home, so couldn’t be possible for them to check the post and for some people its their bed time. Targeting student might happens to be Win-Win situation because some of them might be awake online or chatting with their friend and check online account for videos or comedy post to refresh their mind.
Peak Time Timing — Wed at 3pm
Again it depend upon targeted audience.
On Twitter:
Best — 1pm to 3pm
Reason WHY — Audience on twitter are mostly INFLUENTIALS / POLITICIANS / NEWS AGENCIES or TRENDSETTERS mostly known are TWITERATTI. All these people happen to be mostly active in the daytime to take participate on the ongoing trends and make new trends. So targeting people in the daytime will be mostly profitable.
Worst — After 8 pm before 9 am
Reason WHY — Mostly the audience on twitter are less active in the night and early morning. Twitter mostly consist of trends, Trends are made when they are occurred on the basis of any event happened.
Peak Time — Mon to Thursday
Reason WHY — Twitter Audience are mostly active on week days, making trends and news. If any business or news agency is willing to target on twitter audience then weekdays are a good to promote.
On LinkedIn - the best time to post is:
Best — 7am- 9 am, 5 pm — 6pm
Reason WHY- LinkedIn is the platform for business professional / Entrepreneurs / Inventors / business owners and CEO/CFO Etc. To Target the professional people one needs to publish the post on early morning in order to reach those business person who wake up early , plan their and work on their goals. As the entrepreneur are behind their goal and always in hurry to get their work done, the right is to publish the content in right time.
Worst — 10pm to 7am
Reason WHY — After morning, the business owners get busy and have no time to get involved in social media, because of ongoing meeting and tight deadlines. So it’s not a good idea to post anything on social in their busy time because the post will not be read.
Peak Time — Tues to Thursday before/after business hours
Reason WHY — As the business hours are more important and productive for a business person or entrepreneur to make the best out of their day so they can’t even think of wasting their important time reading some kind of social media article in order to meet deadline and talk to client who are more important to their business. Target people on LinkedIn before or after there business hours for them to notice you and your company.
On Google+ - the best time to post is:
Best — 9 am to 11 am
Reason WHY — many big companies or media house use google+ in order to gain traffic. People who use google are less but the people who use google plus tend to expect good and high quality article and which should be informative too. Mostly in morning time a company should publish the post in order to make their post/product/brand visible.
Worst — 6pm to 8pm
Reason WHY — Most of the traffic is diverted on facebook so lesser people visit google+, so targeting them at wring time wont give your good results.
Peak Time — During working hours
Reason WHY –People often visit google+ inorder to know more about the product or the service. Taking updates from all social media platform about a service or product and publishing a spocial media post during working hours will be a good thing.
Pinterest - the best time to post is  :
Best — 2pm to 4pm
Worst — After 7 pm
Peak Time — Saturday Morning
Best Days -
FB — Wed
Twitter — Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs
LinkedIn — Tues, Wed, Thurs
Pinterest — Sat

What is Best Time To Post On Social Media (July 2019) Update & Reviews

Just keep in Mind when you posting on Social media your content and target Audience should be conscience, then you will drive engagement. Audience on any social media platform or page give response to post when they will like and when the post is published on proper time. All the information given in the article are from analytics soft wares and other websites that analyses user’s behaviour. User’s behaviour is more important to take up decision. How a User Interact With a Website is more important. Analyse that behaviour, Track it and then manage the post on your page